The Dolphin Place
Altantic White-Sided Dolphin

This is a poem that I wrote about a very lucky dolphin.  Not all dolphins are as lucky as this one was.  Thousands of dolphins are killed every year by fisherman's nets.   I could not let that happen to my little dolphin.  Please be sure to only buy Tuna that is dolphin safe.

I hope you enjoy my poem,

A Dolphin's Woe
Up comes his tail, 
from the glistening wave
Surfing and swimming in the crest
trying to behave

His mother had warned him 
not to wander too far
that the ocean was filled
with many things that can scar

But he did not listen
he wanted to play
so he swam through the ocean
all the night and the day

He was unaware of the danger
that lay just ahead
until it was to late
he was filled with such dread

He was caught in a net
he didn't know what to do
He was scared for his life
and his mother's too

He screamed and he echoed
he tossed and he turned
The more that he moved 
the more he was doomed

Then all of a sudden
he knew he was saved
His savior had arrived 
and he knew to be brave

She was so beautiful
a creature that was so rare
It was a glorious mermaid
come to show him sweet care

She removed a large shell
from her gorgeous blonde hair
And started to cut and saw
at the net that was there

At last he was free
never to wander again
to remember his mother
and the words she had said

The dolphin was grateful
For the love she had shown
He knew he was lucky
And he would never be alone

The mermaid led the way
to the place he wanted to be
he knew he was safe
and would continue to be free

They swam away together
being careful not to roam
He knew where she was going
to his mother...his home.

Dolphins Dream
Dolphins Dream of living free,
not in a cage for the world to see.

Dolphins Dream of the big blue ocean, 
not of being sick from so little motion.

Dolphins Dream of jumping high, 
not of wondering "Why can't I"

Dolphins Dream, so let them be.
Dolphins Dream of being FREE!

Magical Creatures
The ocean is vast, so wonderous and wide, 
it holds many magical creatures inside. 
The most magical is the DOLPHIN it seems, 
their joyous spirit glows and gleams.
Swimming for joy, both far and near, 
they'll sing their song for all to hear. 
Come join the pod and have some fun, 
part of the group, never more then one!
Dolphin Dance
DOLPHINS dance and DOLPHINS shimmer, 
see their spirit grow and glimmer.
Swim on DOLPHIN, reach the top, 
never look back and never stop.
The sea is calling, so dive on in, 
wave that tail and raise that fin. 
Give a jump for fun and glee, 
then get on up and dance with me!
By Diane Morrison
One dolphin.
One silver shadow.
A blade that cuts the ocean
Without a ripple.

Another dolphin.
Another silver blade.
Gliding through the sea-jewel
Not leaving a scratch.

Now the blade joins the shadow.
The blade is the shadow, the shadow, the blade.
They smile, laugh, and swim together,
And the ocean glimmers with the sun.

One giant leap together,
And the shadows are gone.
The shadows like the blades
That laugh.

This is a poem that I wrote about my mother many years ago.
My Mom lost her fight with cancer on Nov. 13, 2007
A Mother's Love
It takes a heart that is full of love
A smile that is especially kind.
A life that has lived from day to day
with only your kids in mind.

It takes a world of faith
and understanding too.
to make the type of mother 
God made when he made you. 

This poem was written when my brother was killed by a drunk driver on August 23, 1981
Please do not drink and drive, when you do, you take someone else's life into your hands.
Deep in the shadows of my mind,
I visualize you as a child
Gallant by taking wide new steps,
Fishing on the lake,
Mischievious play with companions.

You stood out from the rest,
Fiercly independent,
Making your own way.
Your kindness and protectiveness
Reflected to babies,
Constantly in your shadow,
Clinging to your every word.
Pretty girls charmed by your
 Handsome looks and deeds.

The time came for your final curtain call,
You, having no choice,
Had to take your last bows.
We having no choice
 Had to cope with the final act.

If you look down upon us,
I'm sure it is with a smile
For you know you are loved and missed.
By those you cared about most.

For those with eyes, see our tears.
For those with ears, hear our cries,
And know our lives have been touched by his leaving,
And will never be the same.

This is a poem that I wrote shortly after my father lost his fight with cancer.
October 11, 1999
I'll Miss You Daddy
The time has come to say goodbye.
Don't worry daddy, I'll try not to cry.

I loved you dearly, you knew this was so.
I'm gonna miss you, but it was your time to go.

The angels were calling, they needed you home.
Now you're up in heaven and you're free to roam.

God had a mission, something he needed from you.
Otherwise you wouldn't have been taken, leaving me so blue.

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